Sleep Deprived Music Review: Tayla Parx

tayla parx

Tayla Parx’s album, Coping Mechanisms, would be on the playlist for a “Happy Divorce” party. I would’ve been married for 20 years this month if we had stayed married. 20. Long. Damn. Years.

Tayla Parx’s album is full of heartbreak, boundaries, and celebrating not being in a terrible relationship. It could be called an album of self-love. Love yourself enough to walk away. Write an album full of happy/sad/angry love songs instead. Be ok with being single. Be like Tayla Parx.

She has a great voice. The lyrics are sometimes sad but still uplifting – the kind you want to sing along to when you’re trying to heal a broken heart. My favorite song on the album is “Sad.” “Runaway” featuring Khalid is a close second.

Tayla Parx would be a star in any era. I wish that she had been around for 90s R & B. Ms. Parx is here now and we are grateful.

She’s going to be in the movie, “Spinning Gold,” playing Donna Summer. I can picture Tayla Parx being a disco queen. I can’t wait to see the movie.

I would want to hear this album while dancing in the club. When are they going to make dancing clubs for older people that aren’t that old? Can someone make a 35+ disco happen?






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