Flawless Friday Video: Maray Fuego

maray fuego

I’m going to be a fan of Maray Fuego for life. Who wouldn’t love a cabaret-esque singer/accordion player? Fuego’s music fits into the category of boss shit that we need right now.

To be honest, I had a few other videos for today in the draft section. They are all good videos but somehow didn’t fit the feeling of today. I promise that this will be the most epic video with an accordion player/singer ever.

Flawless Friday Video


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  1. Not many artists have the audacity to play accordion! Fun fact: I briefly took accordion lessons when I was 6 or 7. Why, I have no idea, and I hated every single minute of my lessons! Sadly, I never again attempted to play another instrument, which is a shame.

    On another topic, I’m actually astonished at how many bloggers have many draft posts waiting in the wings to be published. I generally hate writing, so am always playing catch-up with reviews, finishing them days after I’d promised them. Oh well…

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