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Meet and Greet: Neighbor Lady

Who: Atlanta-based Indie-Rock band Neighbor Lady

What: All kinds of Indie-Rock awesomeness. They released an album, Maybe Later, in 2018. Neighbor Lady plans to release new music in 2021. Now there’s something to look forward to besides Halloween.

Why: Most neighbor ladies that I know have good stories. In my neighborhood, I might be the lady with a good story or two. There’s also a lady that I see at the library that knows everything about everyone. She’s also a rescuer of animals – nosy, probably, but kind. Neighbors usually know all of the tea about what is going on in town. I think that Neighbor Lady has a lyrical story that you want to hear. Plus, there’s the Indie-Rock awesomeness. You cannot go wrong with Neighbor Lady with their good stories and good music.


NEIGHBOR LADY LINKS: Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook

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