Meet and Greet: Ophelia’s Eye

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Modern heavy metal band Ophelia’s Eye of Dulliken, Switzerland has released their EP, Fight For Us. My oldest kid is a metalhead and would enjoy the music of Ophelia’s Eye.

To quote the mom from “Dirty Dancing, “I think she gets this from me.” It’s been nice to bond over which heavy metal concert we are going to next. Hopefully, we can see this band together soon.

The band states,”We have chosen the three songs we “grew up” together with. These songs were put together at the very beginning after we had our complete line-up. Therefore they’ve grown close to our hearts.”

Ophelia’s Eye includes: Vocals- Michel Egloff-Sieber, Drums-Marco Schweizer, Bass- Sandro Suter, Lead Guitar- Remo Lemp, Rhythm Guitar- Corinne Ryter

Check out their latest video and the links below.

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