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Halloween Creatures Book Tag. Spooktober

Happy Halloween you guys! Welcome to the Halloween Creatures Book Tag, which I found on Kerri McBookNerd’s page. If you want to participate in the Halloween Creatures Book Tag, there are a few rules or as I like to think of rules – “suggestions.”

The Rules for the Halloween Creatures Book Tag:

My Answers

Witch – A Magical Character or Book

The Once and Future Witches

This book is magical and amazing. If I had time, I would read it a few more times.

Werewolf – The Perfect Book to Read at Night

The Devourers
It’s a little spooky but you should eventually sleep. The Devourers is a great story so you might not be able to put it down.

Frankenstein – A Book That Truly Shocked You

The Devil – A Dark, Evil Character

Cult leader and serial killer, Jeffrey Halcomb. Deadly and influential is a scary combination.

Within These Walls

Grim Reaper – A Character That Should Never Have Died

My Soul to Keep

The children of David should have been spared.

Zombie – A Book That Made You Hungry For More

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

It’s a short book but I really enjoyed it. I wish that it had not ended so soon.

Gargoyle – A Character You Would Protect At All Costs

The Last Final Girl

Izzy in The Last Final Girl. She reminds me of one of my kids.

Vampire – A Book That Sucked the Life Out of You

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Tess of the D’Urbervilles has been the only book to make me cry.

Ghost – A Book That Still Haunts You


Bullies should remember that not everyone is going to put up with being bullied.

Demon – A Book That Really Scared You

Gerald's Game

The Boogeyman is too real in this book.

Skeleton – A Character You Have A Bone To Pick With

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires

I loved this book but I hated the vampire so much. He was probably a horrible human being also.

Mummy – A Book You Would Preserve Throughout Time

All the Murmuring Bones

It’s a great spooky book. All the Murmuring Bones is probably in my top ten favorite books of all time.

Creepy Doll – A Cover Too Scary To Look At

Child's Play

Oh my gosh. I haven’t read this one yet because I cannot even look at it for too long. Can I read it without looking at the cover constantly?

My kids think that my dolls are creepy. They haven’t moved yet so everything is fine.

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