Flawless Friday Video: Zach Person

zach person

This weeks Flawless Friday Video is “Can’t Stop Running” by Zach Person. After a day being around too many people, many of us would enjoy good music in a beautiful secluded area. Hopefully, you will enjoy Zach Person’s contribution to indie rock. If you have a “Too Many People” playlist, his music would be perfect.

Connect with Zach Person:

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2 responses to “Flawless Friday Video: Zach Person”

  1. I love it. His music reminds me a little of Lenny Kravitz. I also like that you used the icons for the links instead.

    1. I didn’t that of that before but you are right about sounding a bit like Lenny Kravitz. Thanks! It worked out this time. 🙂

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