Day For Night: #bookreview

Day for Night

Day for Night by Stacey E. Bryan is set in the Los Angeles area, where things already weird for reality star, Rae. She has just been betrayed by her cast mates and kicked off of the show. Rae is hoping to get back to a bit of normalcy but she has the first of several alien encounters in the laundry room of her building.

Rae learns that she is not hallucinating. There are actually aliens, vampires and maybe some werewolves. She also discovers that aliens won’t abduct vampires. To be a vampire or not to be a vampire. Rae doesn’t have much else going on since she got kicked off of the show. So why not become a vampire and join the fight against aliens?

She has a lovely relationship with her friend’s son, Ganymede. His mother named her children after the moons of Jupiter. Even as a vampire, Rae takes better care of Ganymede than his mom. I don’t think I would want the mom to be in my mom friend group. It’s easy for me to say that since my group of mom friends is sooooo small. My kids are taking applications for people that would want to be possible be friends with me. One mom collects stoneware. I am intrigued.

Rae has so many interesting stories from her acting career and surfing. I think she will eventually be the most intriguing vampire in the world. My hope is that she’ll adopt Ganymede and his dog. He’s a smart kid. I bet he would like to join the fight against aliens.

If you like quirky, sci-fi urban vampire fantasies, then this is the book for you.

If you are an alien or a fan of the alien in Alien, then maybe keep this one on the TBR pile for now.

P.S. I received an ebook from the author. So this is the book review with my honest opinion. Obviously.

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