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see you in the cosmos
See You in the Cosmos

In See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng, 11-year-old Alex Petroski takes a journey from Colorado to New Mexico with his dog, Carl Sagan. Alex wants to attend the Southwest High-Altitude Rocket Festival so that he can send his own recordings into space on his rocket.

Alex’s mom doesn’t even know that he left the house because she can barely get out of bed due to depression. His brother, Ronnie, lives in Los Angeles and doesn’t pay attention to Alex or their mom. He only worries about how much money they are spending. Ronnie is a jerk.

A kind stranger, Seth, notices that Alex and Carl Sagan are far from home without adult supervision. There are so many creepers out there so Alex was lucky to befriend a decent person. They end up going to Las Vegas where Carl Sagan gets lost. I spent so much time hoping that Carl Sagan would be found. Alex has been through so much already. He needs his one true friend, Carl Sagan.

Alex is also looking for his father. His father passed away but Alex finds some new information that makes him wonder if he is alive. He ends up finding a new family member, who takes him to see his brother in Los Angeles. Ronnie is still a jerk. Alex is such a sweet kid who deserves to have someone looking out for him.

If you are interested in science, aliens or Carl Sagan (the human), then you might enjoy this book.

If you can relate to Ronnie, then you probably don’t like anything but maybe you can start by liking this book.

  • Oops, I read this for the challenge in 2021. It’s still a good book in any year.

book riot read harder challenge
Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

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