Poetry Maybe #33 – The Forest Knows

poetry maybe #33

Poetry Maybe #33- The Forest Knows

Hey Travis - 
your daddy is rich but 
you can't forbid me 
from doing whatever 
urges me on from the inside out.
I want to be brave 
when i see you coming up
the hill towards my cottage.
to destroy 
the paper birches 
who start peeling the minute 
they see your zippo.

you'll stand on the looking out over
the edge of the cliff
living one last peaceful moment while the forest 
prepares for combat against 
one tiny spark.
Even the paper birches
are making cannon balls 
out of their bark.

you cover the lighter 
with your pitiful mutated hands
Honestly Travis, can you even hold a dime?

I told you and Daddy Warbucks
that I wouldn't let you inside
my cottage or my vulva.

to get kicked in your one tooth
by a tree. 
No one will believe that you saw a magic tree,
will they?

What kind of apparel
does one wear to fend off a 
He only wants to hurt 
one sweet tramp
who won't open
the door

One sweet tramp and

a forest that knows

the enemy

can be conquered

with the secret elements.

There is no green light here

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