Flawless Friday Video: 22 Oceans

22 oceans. flawless friday video

Take me back to what I used to know,
windows down listening to the radio,
don’t need signs for where I need to go,
open road but only one way home

“Home” by 22 Oceans

The video for “Home” from 22 Oceans is the Flawless Friday Video this week. 22 Oceans will be releasing their EP also titled “Home” on February 22. You can listen to it in all of the usual places, which are listed below.

“The song ‘Home’ was inspired by ideas about returning to the comfort of your home, which doesn’t
necessarily have to be a place, but rather the people who have made a large impact on your life,”
says keyboardist Mike Guy.

Home’ https://youtu.be/hZhSNCUDKj0
Bandcamp  https://22oceans.bandcamp.com/track/home
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/22oceans/home
EP order https://22oceans.bandcamp.com/album/home-e-p

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