Poetry Maybe #34

poetry maybe #34
Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

I love my sailor
with the rugged hat
and a puzzle box
which contains 
my jeweled watercolor heart

domineering winds 
bear him away
and back again
when he finds the course
to my doorstep

I ask,"How tall is Blackbeard?"
He can find any pirate's 
position on the map

Every detail of a hundred 
runs can soak
into his mind
but some parts of
a man are unknown

pail, seed and spear 
the underbelly of pigs 
waiting for the men
 to pick their cut

what degree of apparent wind
will send him 
within reach of 
this lonely enchantress?

He is so brave and crazy.
each verse seems to 
bring him closer to my shore

My sailor won't refuse
even if he is fearful of crashing into earth
without the ebb and flo
of the waves to sooth his spirit

And a soaked pair
of boots as well

His love charm is
stamped on my jaded essence
spring will come again
and he will make headway
on a new scientific journey

New boots, old compass
All things to keep a sailor
safe from the call of the shore

When he hides I feel happy
Someday my sailor be back on the scene
waiting for me to serenade him once more

Poetry Maybe

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