Sleep Deprived Music Review: Once Human

Once Human

Once Human released their latest album, “Scar Weaver,” in February. My apologies for not sharing this review sooner. If you are a fan of heavy metal/metalcore, then Once Human will be a welcome addition to your metal playlist.

During the times of quarantine, the band had more time to practice and improve their musical skills and songwriting. The lead singer, Lauren Hart, may not sound like what you would expect. In my opinion, Hart is be one of the best heavy metal singers out there.

“The songs are all really individual,” Lauren Hart explains. “One of them is about blood diamonds. ‘Deadlock’ is about the politics of everything that’s going on. A lot of them toy with my philosophy of death and all of that.”

The album mostly reminds me that there are still some badass bands out there just waiting to be heard. Hopefully, we get a chance to see Once Human in concert this year. I’m ready to stand far away from the mosh pit. Maybe backstage or by the merch booth or something. My personal favorite songs from the album are “Erasure” and “Deadlock.”

I would like to listen to this album while getting ready to watch karma exact the price of vengeance against my one and only enemy. It would be so dramatic and accurate.

Members of Once Human:
Logan Mader
Lauren Hart
Damien Rainaud
Dillon Trollope
Max Karon


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