Flawless Friday Video: Guerrilla Ghost

Guerrilla Ghost
“This song tells the story of someone who has endured a lifetime of hardship yet still finds the means to rise above. A world of peace and prosperity is within reach. The production is a nod to Kanye West before Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. We enlisted two of our favorite Milwaukee artists for help with bringing this vision to life. The message is to rise above and keep fighting. Never give up.” – Bad Graphics Ghost, emcee of Guerrilla Ghost

Guerrilla Ghost has a new video for “Fifth Heaven (feat. NilexNile & Taiyamo Denku)” out ahead of their latest album, which will be available on April 15. If you have a racist neighbor, you could play this song with the speakers facing their house. Summer is coming and we have new speakers.

Enjoy the video!

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