Poetry Maybe #43: Winning Smiles

Poetry Maybe #43: Winning Smiles
Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on Pexels.com


further from the

meadow where

you tempted horses

and a goat.

Addiction was so effortless

and consumed every

good decision like

a compulsive eater

devours donuts.

You chose it over

seeing that famous drummer
and the bestselling author’s

book signing.

Did you
evade capture

of your heart

with your winning
smile and clever words?

Did you divide
and conquer with a potion

from your dealer?

since that time

when you flew from

the meadow

we’ve been jaded
and hollow.

there are not enough

donuts or strawberries.
will we ever
rewind and shine

our winning smiles?


Poetry Maybe

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