Flawless Friday Video

Flawless Friday Video: LA Laura Paris

There’s a lot of kissing in this video for LA Laura Paris‘s single, “Kissing Boys.” Consider yourself warned. Everybody is kissing everybody. It’s a very LGBTQ+ friendly video.

“I love kissing, it makes me feel alive. It’s such a magical feeling to discover someone new for the first time. The first Kiss is so important, it can reveal everything about someone, if the person is shy, passionate, tender, wild.. I was inspired to compose Kissing Boys while partying  in the Electro pop scene of Ibiza and Paris. I wanted to translate the sensation of kissing someone in this environment.” –LA Laura Paris

The beginning of the week was kind of blah. I’m so happy to see a video with something extra like glow in the dark body paint, kissing and dancing. It’s definitely a mood booster. Who is ready to party?!





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