Rare Hearts: Meet and Greet

meet and greet: rare hearts
Photo by Jay Braley

According to the band website, Rare Hearts is dedicated to the outcasts and outsiders. The Los Angeles band will be releasing a new EP on the My Grito Industries label. I suspect that the album will be pretty epic.

The first single is “Good Times,” which is absolutely fantastic. Joe Rojas of Rare Hearts has the following to say about the single.

“A powerful way for getting over a breakup is to reminisce those good times that you had because there are more to come. It’s easy to fall into the perception of, ‘Oh this is treacherous, and I’m never going to have that again,’ but it’s the opposite. That’s always helped me get over the hurt from breakups instead of ignoring all of that shit that is hard to deal with.”

If you enjoy indie/alternative music that is reminiscent of the 90s, then you will love Rare Hearts. Check out the links and show Rare Hearts some love.






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