116 Days of Summer Guests: Radio Aftermath

116 Days of Summer Guests: Radio Aftermath

Hi, we’re Radio Aftermath – Four noisy alt-rock/post-punky boys from Leeds, UK.

Chasing Destino have given us a live microphone with permission to talk about anything we want.

This feels like too much power.

We’re so used to the generic interviewer:interviewee dynamic and without direction I feel we’ll either flounder or get ourselves in trouble with some prolonged wrestling-promo style rant. Well, here goes:

So music eh? It’s pretty cool. Nice to hear, fun to make. Pretty exhausting though. The state of this techno-capitalist hellscape we live in certainly does it’s best to suck the fun out of the process with all its algorithms and NFTs and emojis and such; but it definitely comes with positives too.

Recently we’ve been getting some international coverage of our new song, and google-translating reviews into English just makes you realise how much further your art can go now than it ever could before thanks to the internet. It’s an absolute trip. If only it could make the musicians travel that far too!

A drawback though is that artists really need to keep a lot more irons in the fire to ‘be successful’ than the musicians we all idolised growing up. Maintaining steady releases, promotion, social media activity, practices and everything else to ensure you stay present and relevant is difficult enough, but on top of that comes the impossible challenge of getting four people who work full time in the same room, which pretty much becomes impossible once you turn 30 for some reason.

Sadly due to … well… the general state of everything that’s going on at the moment, it’s pretty easy to just feel burnt out from existing. Between the plagues, wars, the recession, the dying planet, the social division, the inequality, the other recession, the impending threat of nuclear annihilation, the ongoing neglect of the arts by government, the genocides, the nationalism, the rising costs, the erosion of women’s rights, the third ‘once in a lifetime’ recession…

… wait, what was I saying…

Oh yeah – due to that stuff – it can be pretty easy to feel burnt out, bogged down, not creative, and just fucking hopeless about the future, and as a result you can feel like you’re falling behind on the various bits of ‘band work’ on the collective to do list.

The way we combat this is pretty simple. We’re still just having fun. We write, record, perform, promote – all of that stuff, just for us. We’ve all been in bands for the wrong reason before, and we’ve all made the mistake of having expectations from projects we’ve worked on in the past, had hopes too high, or were writing music for the wrong reasons. We get together, write the music we like, and that’s all that matters. Fortunately, other people seem to dig it, and that’s the best bonus we could ask for. We’ve completed a couple of tours which none of us thought would be possible due to Covid which was amazing(the tour, not covid), and now we’re at a stage where we’re on the cusp of releasing our EP.
All of that stuff is the bonus, though, not the reason to do it. We’re so proud of the tracks we’ve put out, and of the ones yet to come out, and as long as you’re happy with the music you’re making, that’s all that really matters. So I guess if there’s one message/mantra/vibe/ we want to leave you with, it’s – crack on, have fun, nothing matters, and everything’s fine.

I think we’ll call it there before things get too weird and ranty, but before that I feel obliged to answer the usual questions we get in the handcuffs of a ‘normal’ interview (although might we add, this has been 100X more fun – thanks CD so much for having us)

 Our new single – Cup of Coffee in the Big Time – is out digitally everywhere now
 Our next single – Custom Made Lizard Shoes – is coming out on the July 29th  – we just shot
the video yesterday!
 We have our debut EP coming out this summer
 We’ve got shows in the UK (and hopefully Europe too) later in the year, with details on our
 Check us out.

Stay Hydrated
Hail Satan
See you in the Aftermath
RA x

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  1. Great idea for a series, as the artists do all the heavy lifting!

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