116 Days of Summer Guests: KROW


‘We are a simple people’ said the aliens on the planet you visit…  before turning out to be really weird and complex. And, kinda, that is  us! 

As someone looks into how we live, and the longer they look, the  more ‘fascinating’ we will seem. Or, they may possibly just want to  return at speed to the spaceship and get the hell away before  something completely inexplicable happens. 

Maybe just the basics to start you off on your anthropological study  of the band KROW and their background? We all live together. Not  like the Spice Girls did, all packaged and false smiles, but actually  together, in a commune, pooling our resources and following an  utterly alternative lifestyle.

Oh, we have the usual practices of trying  to be a bit off the grid, semi self sufficiency with home grown veg  and a minimal carbon footprint due to absolutely zero kids and  shared vehicles; but the main reasons that everyone has bonded and  committed to each other is a combination of paganism, polyamory  and a love of art and music. 

We live in what previously was a hotel, all together, as an arts  commune, sharing everything and benefiting from a total focus on  what we want to do, which is mainly music. And we have a delicious  long and dark history! We are the source of two bands, and many of  us are in both of them, producing two completely different sounds  and grooves, which is challenging and fun.

Lockdown was actually a  really good experience for us (so sorry for those who suffered), many  years of being together meant we already had the systems in place  that let us deal fluidly with close proximity. Our social dynamic is a  productive one and we came up with a grand reboot of both bands,  which, finally after all the restrictions have lifted, we are able to get  out and do what we really love, which is to gig.  

We write, record, produce, film videos in house, and all of it is our own work. KROW evolved over time from EDM/industrial dance rock  to pretty much Industrial Metal, I think, if you take that definition as  being hard music with many influences. To be honest, I have no idea  what to call it, I just know we seriously kick ass.

Our lead singer constantly blows my mind with her vocal ability – she is actually Krow herself, and the band are, en mass, ‘Krow & The Electric Temple’, but  the whole kit & caboodle are generally just KROW. I am so proud and  in love with all the women in the band, I could big up them all in their  uniqueness and talents and be a total endless fangirl!  

We have been a susurration of starlings for a long time, moving as  one. We lived together in the USA, in France and are now is Scotland.  We were drawn to the ancient land pull of the far ends of the UK,  and in choosing between where to settle, either Cornwall or Scotland, we tossed a coin and left it to the gods, who promptly  laughed at the community members who loathe haggis and sent us  up here!

Our numbers in the old homestead vary according to a  constant flow of friends and guests but there is a core of ten, not  quite the traditional coven number of 13, but some of us are loud  enough to count as two people. Our paganism isn’t the book sort, we  definitely live it, and some who encounter us find our polyamory too  weird to be near. I was looking to describe ourselves with some  other words beginning with ‘P’ but my choices will have you edging  toward the spaceship, so maybe let’s just leave it at that until you get  to know us better, shall we? 

Kitty Biscuits – Guitarist and vocalist (Was Babe)





116 Days of Summer Guests

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  1. What an interesting group of ladies!

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