116 Days of Summer Guests: Ketsyha


Are you ready to jump and take the plunge? by Ketsyha

Have you ever thought too much about doing something? Something that will get you closer to living a fulfilled life but you don’t do it?

Have you ever finally taken that leap of faith? That jump into the unknown? That’s what my latest release “Jump into the Cold Water” is all about. To write this song, my co-writer and friend Adelynn Delarosa Mejia and I were in a conversation.

She asked me about a moment that changed my life. I shared with her about the moment when I decided to take the plunge and move towards my dreams. I moved from my small hometown Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, to the big city of LA. I went to work on my skills in songwriting, music production, singing, music marketing and more.

In the process I was also living the drastic change of location which felt like a “jump into the cold water”. My life changed drastically as I met new people and learned about how life is in a contrasting place. I got to know people who were pursuing a similar route as me.

I had instructors and mentors that taught me lessons on things I needed to learn. This helped me define more my goals. It inspired me so much and helped me to know more about what I wanted to do in life. I’m back in Puerto Rico, but now I see life with a different perspective. I’m now more focused and grounded.

This funk style song “Jump into the Cold Water” is a reflection on this experience. Is an invitation to others to live their lives to their full potential by following their passion. Sometimes this means to take risks, but as long as you do it in a healthy way it is worth it.



116 Days of Summer Guests

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