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The Prize In Your Mind’s Eye

By: Shaun Zizi – Main vocalist of Black It Out

Many people go about their day without considering the thoughts they hold in their heads and how it makes them feel. I’m not talking about some crap that won’t work like The Secret. If it worked for you, then more power to you, but I’ve found that it only had part of the key to success.

We’ve been led to believe that the power of our mind doesn’t count for much, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your mindset dictates many things in your life. It dictates your emotional state and how you view events. If you view your day as being bad, it’ll probably put you in an awful mood, and guess what? Your day will probably suck. You’re now in a terrible mood, and everything that happens to you is seen as either neutral or not good. How are you going to have a good day if everything sucks?

Your day will always suck if you think you had a bad day. You’ll always have a crappy time if you’re in a bad mood. I’ve been changing my thinking and putting the things I want in my head way more than the things I don’t want. I’ve been thinking about wonderful times with my wife, my music and how awesome it is to do it, my friends and family, and overall positive outcomes. I’m putting my mind’s eye on the prize, and it’s been life-changing.

While I’ve got these positive things in my brain, I let them change my mood into a positive one and let them make me feel like a winner. Then, I let go of the positive thought because it can become an obsession if you think too much of something you want. That creates desire, which could seriously change how you feel. Feeling like you want something but don’t have it could put you in a bad mood and change your mindset to a negative one. So, the whole point is to think about what you do want, feel like you have it, let that change your emotional state into being a winner, then let go of the thought before it becomes an obsession, but hold on to the positive mindset and feeling like a winner.

I’ve been trying this thing where I also don’t judge a “negative” situation right of the gate. I let myself process the event and then think: Did I learn something here? That way, if the event wasn’t pleasant, at least I got something out of it. I think of the lesson I may have learned from it. Then, I let it go. I forget about it and tell the thought that it isn’t allowed in my head anymore. Then, I replace the thought with what I want in life and follow the above steps.

Yeah, I know, this sounds stupid. I get it. I thought it was dumb too. My wife has been telling me about the power of your thoughts for years, and I told her it’s all about your actions. Well, I completely forgot about where actions come from. They say be careful of your thoughts because they become words or actions, be careful of your words and actions because they become habits, and be careful of your habits because they become your character. I told my wife I was thinking positively now, and it’s been changing my life. Of course, she gave me the I told you so speech. I learned a lesson there. I learned to listen to my wife more.

Things that have changed for me are opportunities I wouldn’t have noticed before because I wasn’t in the right mental space to receive the information, I’ve met some incredible people and made new friends, and when I did have a problem with a person, I forgot about the issue and was able to move on with my life and not let them take up my headspace. 

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