The Library of Lost Things: #bookreview

the library of lost things

The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey is a Young Adult Romance set in the beautiful city of San Diego. Of course, the main character, Darcy Wells, knows that everything is not always what it seems. To the outside world, Wells and her mother are regular people.

Darcy has been hiding a secret from everyone except her best friend, Marisol. Her mother is a hoarder with an uncontrollable shopping habit. They never have visitors, including the maintenance department of their apartment building. With new management arriving to make building improvements, it is becoming more difficult to hide the secret.

Also, with Darcy’s 18th birthday approaching, her grandmother gives her an ultimatum to come live with them or all financial support will be cut off. She doesn’t want to leave her mother so she tries to find different ways to make money. One of the ideas was to sell part of her mother’s hoard.

Darcy finds an escape in books. You could even say that she is a hoarder of books, which I can relate to. She works at a bookstore, where crushworthy Asher Fleet begins to spend more time. They develop a friendship and eventually, it becomes more romantic.

I don’t know why Darcy wants to stay with her mother and the hoard. She wants to protect her mother but it seems like Darcy is an enabler. The hoard seems like it could be a character of its own. The mother doesn’t want to get help or get rid of anything. It would be too much to deal with for most people.

The romance was cute but a little bit predictable. I don’t think I appreciate the ending as much as some people do.


If you like young adult romances and bookish characters, then you might like The Library of Lost Things.

If you are not a fan of books about books or have Bibliophobia, a fear of books, then this might not be the book for you.

the library of lost things
Read Harder Challenge Prompt #2- Read a book set in a bookstore.

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