Dispel: Meet and Greet


Gothic rock trio, Dispel, lives close enough to me that we could get together for coffee to discuss The Munsters, literature or Dungeons and Dragons.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Dispel is made up of Ravensea, Sean Gallows and Scott Dispel, claim that they put the Go in Gothic rock. I’ve been listening to their album today so I would agree with that sentiment. To quote, Morticia Addams, “It’s dark, it’s depressing, it’s desolate. It’s a dream.”

On October 12, the full ‘Inferno’ LP will be released on CD, vinyl (with full color insert) and digitally.

“Influenced by an equal mix of darkwave beats, Medieval literature, and conceptual rock albums, the music behind Dispel was born. But soon after the completion of our debut album ‘Lore’, the world went on lockdown! So we headed back into the studio to create another conceptual album, but we had to up the ante. A spiderweb-ridden bookshelf held the key – “Dante’s Inferno” in its timeless glory,” says Scott Dispel.

If you are curious about the Gothic rock band, visit their links below to find out more.


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