Suzie Chism: Flawless Friday Video

suzie chism
Photo by Ryan Hartley

The Flawless Friday Video for the week is “I Get Down” by Suzie Chism, currently of Nashville. The video has been released ahead of her new album, Pobrecita, which will be available on November 11.

According to Suzie the song is a “Party anthem for sad girls. Although there are times when facing your pain is necessary, sometimes you have to get out and distract yourself to survive a low. Sonically, I tried to maintain that sense of mania using ballistic guitar riffs/vocal textures, and hired hard hitters on rhythm to drive it home.” 

If you are a fan of Gwen Stefani or Lana Del Rey, then check out the video from Suzie Chism and the links below.



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Flawless Friday Video

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