Cold Case Quest: Carolyn Battle and Christopher Taylor

Carolyn Battle and Christopher Taylor were each shot several times while in the bedroom of their east side Columbus apartment on February 22, 1991.

The police said that it was possible that Taylor’s indictment for being a drug courier led to the homicides. Taylor had been indicted on Feb. 14.

There were several individuals close to Taylor that were giving up information on whatever they knew about the drug business. The police suspected that other people thought Taylor was also going to snitch and wanted to keep him quiet. His murder might also keep everyone else quiet.

Unfortunately, Carolyn Battle was in the wrong place with the wrong people. She probably didn’t know very much about Taylor’s job as a drug courier. We’ll never know if she would have found a safe haven if she knew anything.

No witnesses have come forward. No one with information has submitted a tip that solved the case. This February, it will be the 32nd anniversary of the homicides of Battle and Taylor. If you have any information, please submit it to the Columbus Police Department or Central Ohio Crimestoppers immediately.

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