Joy Oladokun: Meet and Greet

joy oladokun

For everyone that is looking for a new singer/songwriter to love, please listen to Joy Oladokun. I promise that each song, whether happy or sad, will be a positive experience.

Some of you may need to hear her beautiful voice singing

“Hold on
‘Cause somebody loves you
You know trouble’s always gonna be there
Don’t lеt it bring you to your knees
Look up”

Oladokun states in her website bio,”I want you to be changed when you hear me, and not because I’m special, but because I make music with the intention to change myself.”

She will be back for a tour in the United States in May. I’m looking forward to seeing Joy live and in concert.

May you all have a Joy-ful day!

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  1. I really like Joy Oladokun. She’s a talented artist.

    1. Absolutely! So talented!! 🙂

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