Cold Case Quest: Anita Ruffner

anita ruffner

Unfortunately, the homicide of 48-year old Anita Ruffner of Columbus has not been solved. The police know that she was shot during a 10 minute car ride with her husband. Ruffner was sitting on the passenger side.

The husband’s story was that Anita said that she had been robbed. So the couple went out immediatley to look for the robbers. The pair returned 10 minutes later. However, in that time Anita had been shot.

The police did not find anyone matching the husband’s description. We are also not sure how truthful or forthcoming he was during the questioning. It seems as if the police also have more questions than answers.

It seems suspicious that they would go look for the robbers, who are possibly armed and definitely dangerous. Why would the robbers only shoot Anita? Was the shooter and the robber even the same person?

Hopefully, if there are other witnesses they will finally come forward. It has been 15 years since Anita Ruffner lost her life. Her killer has been free to live their life for the last 15 years, which doesn’t seem fair. If anyone has information, please come forward so that Ruffner’s family can received justice for their loved one.

There are phone numbers and links below for the Columbus Police Department and Central Ohio Crime Stoppers. Tips can be submitted anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

Anita Ruffner
Red marker is the location of incident.

anita ruffner


Columbus Police Department

Central Ohio Crimestoppers

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Cold Case Quest


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