Wicked Bears: Flawless Friday Video

wicked bears

The video for Hypothetically from Wicked Bears of Salt Lake City is available for all of the cynics who don’t really believe in love anyway. Who needs a love song? Not Casey Keele, Nick Fleming, and Jason Bohman of the Wicked Bears. Obviously. Who needs a romantic video with ice skating and beautiful lighting? It’s too cute for its own good.

The band says, Hypothetically is not a love song. It is about the perils of love and the hope of love, but it’s not a love song. If hypothetically, Hypothetically were a love song, it would probably closely resemble this song, but again, it’s not. If Hypothetically were a love song, it would be complicated like love, and moody and sentimental like love, which it is. But it’s not a love song, so don’t even think about it!”

The song will be on their upcoming “Underwater” album, which will be available on March 3rd via Wiretap Records.

wicked bears

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Flawless Friday Video


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