The Love Hearts Book Tag

Welcome to the Love Hearts Book Tag! Love is still in the air as long as there are still discount chocolates waiting at the store.

The original tag can be found on What’s Jess Reading. I found the tag on Hannah’s Bookshelf. Everyone is welcome to participate. Tag What’s Jess Reading, Hannah’s Bookshelf, and myself so that we can see your answers. Please tag other bloggers that you would like to invite.

the love hearts book tag

1. I LOVE YOU – What is your all-time favorite romance book?

2. BE HAPPY – What is a book that makes you incredibly happy every time you read it?

3. DATE ME – A book character that you would date.

If I were 18, I would pick Daniel from The Fountains of Silence.

The Fountains of Silence: #bookreview

3.5 TEXT ME – Would you date a non-reader?

Yeah, I guess. Wait – are interrupting me while reading? Then no.

4. DREAM ON – What’s you’re favorite romantic setting in romance books and what would be your ideal date?

The Weight of a Thousand Oceans: #bookreview

A setting near an ocean. My ideal date would take place on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

5. KISS ME – Your favorite romantic scene from a book.

Colin finally admits that he loves Penelope.

6. LET’S PARTY – Which 3 book characters would you invite to a party and why?

Gilda, Jo and Valentine. I think that they would all have amazing stories to tell.

The Gilda Stories: Book Riot Book Review
The Women Could Fly: #bookreview
World Running Down: #bookreview

7. U ROCK – A romance book you would recommend to everyone (If you don’t read romance you can recommend other books you love)

Love in the Time of Cholera

8. BE MINE – What is a book that you really want to read/own?

Love Medicine

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