Oceans of Slumber: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Oceans of Slumber is a progressive metal/Southern Gothic band currently based in Texas. They give me the impression that they could all talk about the beauty of metal and Frankenstein amongst other topics.

The band’s last album, Starlight and Ash, has been out since July 2022. It is not as metal as their previous albums, which is not a bad thing. Their sound is changing. I am here for the evolution of Oceans of Slumber.

My favorite songs on the album are “The Lighthouse” and “Red Forest Roads.” Of course, all of the songs from start to finish are pretty amazing. The album reminds me that there are still stories to tell. Every song from Starlight and Ash is a beautiful, powerful story with sharp edges.

I had the good fortune to see the band in Detroit while they were on The Lighthouse East Tour. Photos were taken, merch was purchased, etc. (Why can’t I find my Oceans of Slumber t-shirt? Did I lose it because I haven’t been very adventurous since the fall? Maybe it is hiding in the same place as my Kublai Khan shirt.)

Anyway, Oceans of Slumber puts on quite a show. Hopefully, we can catch them on their next stop in the area. If you need a friend to go with you to their show, let me know. I probably need another Oceans of Slumber shirt.



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