Danama: Flawless Friday Video


UK band Danama are so in tune with each other that it is hard to believe they have only been playing together since 2021. They have an awesome video for the song, “Trigger,” which is the Flawless Friday Video for the week. The video and the song are so polished that I really love both.

Danama has also announced that their album, “Did You Know?” will be available on March 24 via Epitronic Records.

The indie rock band has commented, “We take inspiration from life experiences and emotions but also the vibes from such a variety of genres.

Danama, consisting of Rachel Harney, Tommy Brace, Ben Fox, and James Paris, will be having a launch party for the album on May 5th at the Boston Music Room. Tickets for the party are available on the Linktree link below.

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Flawless Friday Video

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