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straight expectations
‘I want what the straight kids have. Even just for a couple of days . . .’

In Straight Expectations by Callum McSwiggan, Max is one of a handful of LGBT+ students at Woodside Academy. The dating pool for the high school’s LGBT+ community leaves a lot to be desired. Max is also pretty sure that his crush, Oliver Cheng, doesn’t know that he exists.

One day Max and his best friend, Dean, had a fight in which Max wished that he wasn’t gay. Everywhere he looked there were straight couples in love. It looked so easy for them. Why was finding love so difficult for Max?

The next morning Max wakes up and feels different. He soon realizes that he might be straight and also has a girlfriend. Everything should be great now, right? Max got what he wanted but it isn’t what he imagined. He has a girlfriend but the whole relationship feels weird. Dean, the one person that he misses, cannot be found. Dean seems like the most talented, awesome friend that anyone could have. We all need a Dean in our lives.

How many times have we wished to have a different life? Max spends some time reflecting on how he got to this upside down world. He wants to get back to his other life with some necessary changes. He’s sure that he doesn’t want a girlfriend. He is still sure that he’s actually and factually gay.

Most of the characters were likable, except for the one horrible teacher that mistreats the LGBT+ students. There was a student that bullied Max when he was younger. Now the kid is trying to make amends. It takes a while for Max to see that he should give the kid a second chance at friendship. I was glad that he was finally willing to forgive the kid.

Max does get to know Oliver Cheng while in the alternate universe. There could be a chance for love between them if only Max could return to his other life and make amends with Dean.

If you are a fan of LGBT+ romances that are reminiscent of Freaky Friday, then you will probably enjoy Straight Expectations. If you are a cruel gym teacher or a relentless bully, then I would suggest reading some anti-bullying books before reading this book.

Thank you to The Write Reads and NetGalley for letting me participate in this book tour. All opinions are my own. Obviously.


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  1. Sounds like a good book. And I love your comment: ” If you are a cruel gym teacher or a relentless bully, then I would suggest reading some anti-bullying books before reading this book.”

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