Superbloom: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Superbloom made their latest album “Life’s a Blur” available for public consumption on June 8. People are listening to their music from Los Angeles to Paris – at least on Spotify. By the end of their next tour, I think that they will have a ton of fans all over the world.

Dave Hoon (vocals/guitars), Tim Choate (guitars), Brian DiMeglio (bass) and Matteo Dix (drums), have been playing together since 2018. The band kind of reminds me of Mudhoney, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age. Superbloom is pretty stoked about their new album.

“I’d be lying if I said we planned to throw away the playbook for the EP, but I’m glad we did, because everything cool and unfamiliar mushroomed from there — on and off stage,” Dave Hoon says. “Pollen is in the rearview and I’m hungry for what’s next.”

Brooklyn-based Superbloom alternative rock are having an album release party tonight. They are probably playing something from their double-sided album right now. The album is available in orange or black vinyl, which is pretty cool.

The A side of the album seems to be more intense rock, which sounds like a good time to me. The B side is more for chilling out and relaxing.

I need both sides to get through the next day or two. There’s a party that somehow I ended up in charge of because I am the mom. Superbloom probably knows how to party. Someday maybe we can go to their party instead of hosting our own.

So songs like “Falling Up” or “Daisy” might help to power through the rest of the festivity planning. My personal favorites on the album are “Daisy” and “Pig.”

If I can get away with it, I will put this album on the party playlist. The church ladies won’t be there so it should be fine. Maybe we’ll convert them to rock and roll and parties via Superbloom.


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