Candy Coffins: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Candy Coffins made their latest album, “Once Do It With Feeling,” available in October 2022.

The new wave/postpunk band originated in South Carolina where they are still located when not on tour. Candy Coffins is an unexpected band because they capture similar vibes as British postpunk bands, like The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen.

Since forming in 2018, the band lineup includes vocalist-guitarist Jame Lathren, guitarist Tom Alewine (Bachelors of Art), bassist Alex Mabrey, keyboardist Justin Purdy and drummer Jonathan Bradley (Iron & Wine).

How many post-punk bands begin in South Carolina that sound as great as this band? Just remember that it is perfectly fine to love music that is not the status quo. It is alright to be in a band that doesn’t play the same thing as every other band. Candy Coffins is not your typical band and we love that for them.

If there is a really cool lounge somewhere with zero neon and 100% velvet and leather, then I would love to listen to “Once Do It With Feeling” there.

My personal favorite songs from the album are “Another Kiss” and “Peel Off the Stars.” At different points, the album has so much joy. Then before you know it, there is so much heartache.

Singer/Songwriter Jame Lathrenstates, “The full album chronicles a relationship from the onset of the first crack to its complete crumbling dissolution. All the feelings and emotions of tumult are captured here, from both persons’ perspectives.”

The ‘Once Do It With Feeling’ LP is out now and is available everywhere digitally, including SpotifyApple Musicand Bandcamp. Please give the album a listen and let me know what you think.

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Live Shows

July 21  ASHEVILLE, NC – Fleetwoods
July 22  CHARLOTTE, NC – Starlight on 22nd
July 29  COLUMBIA, SC – Art Bar

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