Whitehall: Meet and Greet

Whitehall, an indie rock four-piece band from Charleston, SC, wants you to hear their latest album, Maizy. The band is also getting ready for their fall headline tour, which begins in September. Their tour begins in Columbus, OH, which is close to Whitehall, OH. I wonder if it’s just a coincidence.

The lineup includes Paddy McKiernan (vocals, guitar), Brennan Clark (bass), Davis Rowe (drums), and Avery Greeson (guitar). They met while in college. Soon after meeting, they began to write songs in their dorm. During their four years at college, Whitehall played at house shows throughout South Carolina.

Hopefully, many of you will get to see them in concert this fall. There could even be an actual meet and greet session. Until then, check out their music at the links below.


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