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lucy liyou

Lucy Liyou (they/them) released their latest album, Dog Dreams (개꿈),  on May 12 with American Dreams. The San Francisco-based songwriter effortlessly combines ambient music, poetry, and jazz for a unique listening experience.

Liyou shared the following statement regarding the album, song, and video game: “Dog Dreams is about desire. It is about naively rejecting “dog dreams” (개꿈)—a Korean term used to dismiss and diminish dreams as nonsensical impossibilities —and endlessly searching the mercurial “face” of desire. The music and interactive game attempt to capture this elusive face through a sonic and tactile terrain woven together by a narrative thread based on dreams of my own.” 

If you are looking for music different from whatever you usually listen to, Lucy Liyou’s music could be an excellent starting place. Visit the links below to hear their music and buy their band merch.


Lucy Liyou Links

Lucy Liyou
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