Baby Got Back Talk: Flawless Friday Video

baby got back talk

Baby Got Back Talk of NYC has posted their new video for the single, “I’m Sorry I’m a Moron, But Also, Help.” I love the energetic and entertaining vibe of the DIY punk band, song and the video. The only things that the video could possibly need are a roller skating rink, an ice cream parlor and a pinball machine. We might not be able to handle all of that perfection in one video.

Vocalist/bassist G’Ra says,”The video for “…Moron” is executed in a single shot, also called a “oner.” The action takes place in one long, unbroken, choreographed shot that we rehearsed for a couple of hours the day of filming. Because of schedule constraints at the set we rented, we only had time to shoot 4 complete takes. Working with my bandmates and director Ross Louis Klein to nail one of those takes before the clock ran out was like a higher-stakes version of one of those recreational escape rooms: nerve-wracking and intense but also super fun.

The song will be featured on Baby Got Back Talk’s upcoming EP ‘Wince, Repeat’ Out on July 21st via Wiretap Records.

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baby got back talk

Flawless Friday Video



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