LANiiDAE: Sleep Deprived Music Review

LANiiDAE will soon be your favorite North Carolina metalcore band. Eventually, they will take over the metal scene. I predict that there will be a horde of LANiiDAE fans from one coast to the other.

In June, the band released their latest EP, Episodes I – V. Although I’m not a professional crowd surfer or a runner in the mosh circle, after hearing the EP I can picture a future in crowd surfing.

My mind is blown by how awesome the album sounds. I have heard a ton of metal and hard rock bands but LANiiDAE could hold their own with just about any metal band. If you need new music on your metal playlist, LANiiDAE would be an awesome addition.

My favorite songs on the EP are “Downhill” and “Everhaze.” However, all of the songs are great so it might be a different favorite tomorrow. I’m waiting for my kids to tell me to turn the volume. It’s too bad that I can’t hear them over LANiiDAE.

When the band was asked about their first single “Anything,” from the EPISODES I – V EP, these were their responses:
“We’re like the Miley Cyrus of metalcore.” – J (vocals/synth) 

“It’s no Bohemian Rhapsody, but it’ll do.” – Joey (guitar)

“Why’d they take out the pig squeals??” – Chris (vocals)

“I like the drums.” – Larry (drummer)

“I’ve never heard this song before.” – Kyle (bass)

If you are a fan of Killswitch Engage or Trivium, you might also love LANiiDAE. Head over to any or all of their social media sites to hear their music.

I would like to listen to this album and all of their music at a live show. Maybe in a section not in the pit but not in the seated area with a bunch of spoilsports.

LANiiDAE Links

LANiiDAE is:
Joey Park – guitarist (Violent Life Violent Death, AUXILIA)
Chris Deitz- vocalist (Kairos, Blaakhol)
Justin Stewart- vocalist, synth (Down Moda, Voraflux)
Kyle Dameron- bass (Life Right Now, It Lies Within, Deception of a Ghost)
Larry Tekulsky- drums (Machines, AUXILIA)

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