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Slighter & Craig Joseph Huxtable have collaborated in a brilliant way on today’s track of the day, “Pulling Me Under.” It is a great song for days when you are treading water and trying to not get pulled under. Plus, the song has a fantastic beat that will keep you afloat. “Pulling Me Under” has the perfect mix of melancholy and positivity.

“I’m always enjoying collaborating on Slighter albums and, this time, it felt best to leave the majority of the vocal work to some great voices from Craig to Steven and Tara, Yvette, and Anastasia. It has been an experimental but cohesive experience, the classic cinematic vibes I’m known for hitting with faster Techno and killer bass lines across a 10 track narrative,” says Colin C, the artist behind the dark electronic music of Slighter.

On July 21, ‘This Futile Engine’ will be released on digital platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp.

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