Vivienne Cure: Track of the Day

Vivienne Cure

Vivienne Cure, a British musician/visual artist, has recorded a doom metal reimagined version of the Eminem hit ‘Without Me,” which as been chosen as the Track of the Day. Cure’s version doesn’t sound like the original.

Honestly, I had to look up the lyrics because I didn’t think I knew the song. It was hard to imagine Eminem’s voice after hearing Cure’s version. However, I have heard the original many times like millions of other people. Hopefully, many people will also hear this track as well.

Vivienne commented, “It was really interesting to deconstruct
the track and reimagine it in this way, not only sonically, but lyrically
reinterpreting to also explore a more dense feel. I have always been
a big fan of Eminem, so it was fascinating for me to take this on!”

For those of you who want to know more about Vivienne Cure, please visit the links below.

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