Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher: Flawless Friday Video

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Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher may seem like an unlikely duo. A British post-punk rocker and a trash blues guitarist based in North Carolina sounds like a modern day odd couple. We love interesting friendships. As the two are set to release their second album,  ‘We Are The Perilous Men’, their musical friendship shows no signs of stopping.

“I have discovered that I spend a lot of my time knowing what I don’t want to sound like. My musical education began with punk and then, when I came to University in Manchester in the early 80s, I found myself submerged into the strange beat infused darkness of the Big city post punk music scene (Joy Division, ACR, The Fall) and I had to form the Inca Babies to make sense of it all,” says Harry Stafford.  

“Now 40 years later, while I have never forgotten that seismic guidance, my interests, and influence stretch so far, I need someone like Marco to constantly surprise me.”

So in honor of their long-distance collaboration, their single “Walk Among the Spectres” has been chosen as the Flawless Friday Video. “Walk Among the Spectres” is about the storyteller paying tribute to an old friend while discovering his own mortality along the way.

Check out the links below to discover more about Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher.

Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher Links

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Keep up with Marco Butcher
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Flawless Friday Video


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