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Divinex of Rochester, NY has announced that their third album, Dreamscapes, is available on every digital platform. The instrumental progressive metal quartet released their 1st EP in 2014.

“We wanted this album to really feel like a unique experience you want to listen to all the way through, and we worked hard to create deep sonic textures and a varied range of complementary sounds to really make it sound rich and expansive. It sounds so massive and memorable and it’s a great monument to the evolution of our sound and how our music and composition has developed.” – Jay Wolff, Lead Guitar

Even if you aren’t a fan of instrumental or metal, I believe wholeheartedly that you will be impressed by this album. The people in my house haven’t complained at all after listening to it for most of the afternoon.

There is an excellent chance that the fans of Autonomist, Pomegranate Tiger and I Built the Sky will become fans of Divinex. My favorite songs from the album are “Presque Vu” and “Oleka.”

where waould you listen to the album?

If I could listen to the album anywhere, I would listen to it while shopping for cameras and music festival outfits.

Band Members:


Jay Wolff – Guitar, Composition, Background Elements
James Millerd – Guitar
Colin Busse – Bass
Eugene Bizdikian – Drums

Divinex Links

 Official Website | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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