Bubble Tea and Cigarettes: Meet and Greet

Bubble Tea and Cigarettes, an alternative dream pop duo, tell an entrancing story of a toxic relationship. The song is so dreamy and soothing that you might miss the true meaning. Sometimes that is also how terrible relationships begin – everything is lovely until it isn’t.

I love it when bands include the lyrics on their platforms. It reminds me of reading the liner notes of cassette tapes back in the day.

Your fingers still cold
Drown me in your ocean
A hollow deep inside me

The lies that you whisper
I think I’m in heaven
You’re the curse and the escape

Room 907, Bubble Tea and Cigarettes

Formed in 2020 in NYC and currently based in LA, Kat & Andi released their first LP in 2022. I look forward to hearing more music from them. Don’t forget to check out their links below.

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