Tulipomania: Flawless Friday Video

Tulipomania has a video for their single, “You Had to Be There,” which combines animated lip sync and vintage footage. The video is enchanting, especially if you enjoy old films and photographs. The “You Had to Be There” video absolutely deserves to be the Flawless Friday Video. It may even be overqualified.

The video has been featured at several film festivals including Leeds International Film Festival (UK), StopTrik (Croatia, Poland), AniFilm (Czech Republic), Insomnia (Russia), and Malatesta (Italy) with the Montreal International Animation Film Festival – Animaze awarding it an Honorable Mention.

The Philadelphia-based post-punk band includes Tom Murray (lead vocals, synthesizer, electronic percussion) and Cheryl Gelover (synthesizer, background vocals).

 Cheryl Gelover says, “The Dada-esque stance channels a hopeful innervating energy. When navigating the morass – trust the teller – or the tale? You had to be there… maybe.”

The single is available on most online sites including Spotify, Apple Musicand Bandcamp. On November 17, the full ‘Dreaming of Sleep’ album will be released on CD, vinyl, and digitally. It is available for pre-order via Bandcamp.

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Flawless Friday Video


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