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Rocket Kings presented their second independently produced album, “Paving the Way,” on Sept. 15, 2023. Who knew that uke-pop could be so uplifting? We love ukuleles and clever lyrics so we’re naming “Paving the Way” the album of the week.

The Reading-based quintet is compromised of Dave Stewart (ukulele, vocals), Bex Crossland (vocals, ukulele), David Heath (drums), Jess Tuthill (ukulele, vocals), and Yoshiko Nakayama (bass).

“We are really excited to share this album with people. It is chock full of Rocket Kings signature sounds and, as with our first album, these 12 songs are laden with top tunes and harmonies. The overall sound is perhaps a little more rocky this time around, and we regularly use overdrive and phaser pedals. We even have trumpet on a couple of tracks,” says Dave Stewart

Normally, I don’t listen to too much pop music but this band reminds me that pop music can sometimes be good. Their songs are just catchy. I shouldn’t say it but they remind me of the original Brady Bunch, except for the ukulele and the fact that they do the music production themselves. The heart want what it wants and today the heart wants uke-pop.

“Paving the Way,” “The Yellowbird of Fortune,” and “Damn Tired” are my favorite songs from the album.

I want to listen to this album while going to the beach or having a garden party. I’ve never had a garden party but there should be Rocket Kings playing and umbrellas in our strawberry lemonades.

The ‘Paving the Way’ album is out now on Bandcamp.Spotify and Apple Music. It is also available on limited edition vinyl and CD via Bandcamp.

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  1. So much good music out these days!!! I hope I can still grab the vinyl while they last, once I get some footing behind my budget to buy some more.

    1. There is! I get it . . . I love band merch of all types. Vinyl – t-shirts- stickers -patches – pins. 🙂

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