Sleep Deprived Music Review: Southern Avenue

The draft of this review for Southern Avenue’s 2019 album, Keep On, has been sitting the unfinished section for a few months. I guess I was afraid that once the post is complete I won’t have an excuse to listen to Memphis based Southern Avenue. Luckily, I have finally convinced myself that I don’t haveContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Southern Avenue”

Flawless Friday Video: Wanted Noise

Who doesn’t want more sunrises? Vampires maybe. Anyway . . . Wanted Noise of San Diego have the summer spirit and recorded it for the video for “More Sunrises.” It has given me an idea for what to get my boyfriend for Christmas in July – motorized cooler or a cooler to attached to scooter/skateboard.Continue reading “Flawless Friday Video: Wanted Noise”

10 Books on the #Alreadyread List: Part 22

Is it just me or is this a weird grouping of books? Anyway, take a peek. You might find an interesting book for your TBR pile. Howards End. I could read this book again. Undead Redhead. It was a little campy but campy can be good. Sometimes people need campy books. Cold Mountain. It’s aContinue reading “10 Books on the #Alreadyread List: Part 22”

Meet and Greet: Leanie Kaleido

Who: Singer/songwriter Leanie Kaleido of the UK. What: Kaleido has a new album, “How to Weigh a Whale Without a Scale.” It was produced by Mark Gardener of Ride. Why: You’ll find out how to weigh a whale without a scale. It would have to be worth a listen to find out mysteries of life.Continue reading “Meet and Greet: Leanie Kaleido”

The Once and Future Witches: #bookreview

There’s still no such thing as witches. But there will be. They say everything comes in threes. I wonder if they mean witches too. In this book there are the Eastwood Sisters as well as the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. It seems like witches come in three in books and movies. The OnceContinue reading “The Once and Future Witches: #bookreview”

Poetry, Maybe. #4

Manners Polite up until the noose couldn’t be shrugged off manners aren’t necessary in the frying pan the girl would walk along the fence while he was teaching her about poetry and music and butterflies It seemed so wonderful. Her: asking rhetorical questions Him: pouring his attention into her pitcher until there is a prickContinue reading “Poetry, Maybe. #4”

Interview with . . . KnightressM1

KnightmistressM1 is out there making music, living their best life and evolving like butterflies. Hopefully, they will inspire you as much as they has inspired me. I want to get out of this mom uniform of a hoodie and jeans. When I’m ready to get out of the cocoon, my wardrobe be really beautiful andContinue reading “Interview with . . . KnightressM1”

Meet and Greet: Xenia Rubinos

Who: Xenia Rubinos of Brooklyn, New York What: Rubinos has a new single, “Did My Best.” She is celebrating the 5th anniversary of her album, “Black Terry Cat,” by offering signed vinyl records on bandcamp. It is worth all of the money. Why: It is heartbreaking and lovely. Is she reading my mind right now?Continue reading “Meet and Greet: Xenia Rubinos”

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