Oh My Glob! Ohio Comic Con is in 1 Week

http://www.expocad.com/host/fx/wizardworld/14ohio/default.html So I’ve been laying around being sick today. I haven’t had the energy to do much, except watch Hugh Jackman movies . . . yes, still watching Hugh Jackman. Yes, I know it’s been at least twelve hours. Currently watching: But I digress. The other thing that I have been doing is reading comicContinue reading “Oh My Glob! Ohio Comic Con is in 1 Week”

Harley Quinn: Comic Book Villains that We Love

Harley Quinn is a fascinating character. Can you believe that she has not been around since the beginning of comic books? Her character was created in 1992 for an animated series. Harley Quinn wasn’t even supposed to be in more than one episode but she was so popular with the fans that she was incorporatedContinue reading “Harley Quinn: Comic Book Villains that We Love”

Little Sister’s Thor Costume

It might be the best Halloween ever for Little Sister #1. She loved her costume. I think she would wear it all of the time if she could. As a mom, I feel like I’ve won the “Best Mom of Halloween” award. If there’s not such a thing, can someone make one and send itContinue reading “Little Sister’s Thor Costume”

She’s a Black Widow, Baby.

“Black Widow” has been sitting in the comic book box for a few months. She was waiting for a moment to catch my attention so I’ll read the issues. The Black Widow, also known as Natasha, also known as Natalia Romanova, is a former KGB agent. Currently, she is an assassin and an Avenger. InContinue reading “She’s a Black Widow, Baby.”

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