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I Still Have Time


There has been no WiFi at my house for several weeks. It has been a blessing and a curse.

I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at my kids. Really looking at them without stalking them exactly. My teenager is overjoyed when I’m not stalking her. I can hear her rolling her eyes right now.

Up until I knew what the mammogram results said, it didn’t really matter if I had WiFi. My kids are about to picket outside the house though. I didn’t tell them about getting tests done. I was waiting until I knew more.

Now I know. I DO NOT have breast cancer for which I am thankful. Although, I did have that feeling when you take your car to get fixed for making noises and then it doesn’t make a peep for anyone else. Plus, I felt a bit guilty. Is that normal? Do other people feel guilty for not getting bad news?

So my body is a bit of a liar and my heart is always guilty. I’ll live with it. I’m really glad that I have time to stick around and stalk my kids for awhile longer.

It’s been so nice to actually see everyone’s face for a few extra moments. My kid has been reading to me before she goes to bed. We’ve been practicing spelling words – like we should be doing anyway if we don’t want to repeat a grade.

I can breathe again. I still have time to finish whatever it is that I should be doing.

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Blogging Tips for Newbies: #blogtober15


The prompt is to give some advice to new bloggers. I will tell you what has helped me. So take it for what it’s worth.

  1. Write about what you know.
  2. Write about what  you love.
  3. Follow other blogs that interest you.
  4. Comment on other blogs.
  5. Share posts of others on social media.
  6. Share your stuff on social media.
  7. Schedule posts so you can still have a life.
  8. Befriend other bloggers. They will save you a lot of toil and trouble.
  9. Keep it real. Always.
  10. Blog conferences are a good way to meet people and learn about blogging.
  11. Images on posts. People love pictures.
  12. When sharing on Facebook groups – join some groups, by the way- make sure you are sharing to closed groups. If the group is open, it will post on your timeline. Try to limit how many times posts are shared on your timeline. Your friends will be so annoyed by the tenth time that they’ve seen the same post. It’s almost as annoying as all of those Candy Crush invites.
  13. Blog challenges. It’s a good way to draw attention and see other blogs. I used to do a bunch but now I limit it to a handful.
  14. Don’t get discouraged when people unfollow your blog. It happens to everyone. Keep working and you’ll keep gaining followers.
  15. Don’t feel like you have to be limited by a niche. Writing about what’s on your heart can help to make a connection with your readers. If you want to do a fashion post when you generally do reviews or DIY, then do it. Doing something a bit different is fine.
  16. Set goals for following others, for how much you want to post a week, etc.
  17. Unplug on a regular basis. If it makes you feel better, take a journal with you to write down ideas.

Dear Time Warner, Come get your Shit.


Dear Time Warner,

It’s me and not you. Well, it started out as me and then it turned into you.

I had an account with you for two years. At the end of the two years, which would have been August 2015, I had forgotten that the automated payments were set up with the credit card that also expired in August 2015. It happens. I was also moving so the soon to be expiring credit card was the last thing on my mind. Until I could not find said replacement card.

Anyway, so I was distracted by a million other things -like moving and replacing the replacement card. All of this was totally fault, I understand that.

So the part that I don’t understand is why doesn’t anyone in your company know what’s going on with anything? Seriously, it took a week to transfer my internet service. My kids were on the brink of rioting.

I was on the phone with at least ten people. One person basically said, “We don’t do that.” I was just asking her to transfer me to the right department by you guys don’t do that apparently.

Then this newest snafu with the billpay. The payment has just disappeared. You don’t have it. The banks says it was paid. Every time I called, your customer service said “Oh yeah, it could take up to five days.” Some people were jerks. Some people were very nice.

What’s the deal with the automated calls? For at least two weeks, you called me three times a day to get your money that I had already paid. It’s excessive, isn’t it? I’m sure I told one of the reps to quit fucking calling me three times a day.

Upon further review of that particular payment, I noticed that the bill was paid within two days. It was paid way before you interrupted my service.

I spent an hour chatting with customer service online – at someone else’s house, of course. They were helpful but still could not cancel my service. They threatened to break up with me but I am ready. Please break up with me. I welcome the break.

To add insult to injury, when I called to  really, really break up with  you, I was on hold for 25 minutes. 25 minutes that don’t include the 2 other calls that were disconnected. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I picture all of the customer service reps standing around looking at my number on the caller ID, saying, “Oh man, it’s her again. I’m not answering.”

I tried to contact you on Twitter. Nothing but crickets. So now you’re ghosting me? I’m sure that you’ll be calling me three times a day soon. Yeah, don’t. Just don’t.

So it’s you.

I’m beyond done with having you in my life. Come get your shit. I’m not even joking.

No love for you,


My Neighbor Suspects that I’m a Vampire


A few days ago, I was trying on this super dark lipstick. It’s basically charcoal grey. My teenager should be “borrowing” it any day now.

It gives me the total vampire/Wednesday Addams look. This the season. Halloween is soon and I cannot wait obviously.

Of course, this is the day that my neighbor decides to stop by for introductions.

Did I mention the larger than life pigtails? My hair is growing and so the pigtails are expanding.

My appearance probably took him by surprise. Who expects a 40 something Wednesday Addams and possible vampire to answer the door?

Neighbors don’t usually bring cookies for their vampire neighbors. They usually bring holy water, stakes (not steaks though) and the rest of the Welcome Wagon (aka a mob).

The cookies were excellent! We’re definitely going to their house for trick or treat.

. . . For the candy.

. . . . Not to suck their blood.

That would be rude.

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Stay Thirsty Edition

  • image

If we were having coffee, I would tell you

  • That I’m thirsty for booze and coffee and a sense of accomplishment.
  • I’m still blogging away over here. Trying to make something out of nothing. Did you know that millions of people have blogs? Millions of bloggers.
  • So I did re-learn the lesson about how important it is to share posts of fellow bloggers. That’s how things go viral. Don’t forget to share posts – my posts, your bloggy friends posts, awesome posts that you love. All of that should be shared. Thanks for the reminder Helene in Between!
  • Every few months, I redo my Triberr profile. Apparently I have not done it in quite some time because my feed was stalled. I get a lot of shares on Twitter from authors of erotica.
  • I tried some Sugarlands Shine, the cinnamon flavor. It has the picture of some guy named Tickle. My erotica author friends might appreciate Tickle or the hot cinnamon booze. Emphasis on hot and Tickle. My other friends would like the fact that it’s 70 proof. Emphasis on booze.
  • I drank some of the moonshine. I could barely finish my glass because I felt very boozy. I finished it because I’m not a quitter.

Skip Challenge: What Reminds You of You?


What reminds me of me? What reminds me that I’m still in here at the very core of me?

  1. Going to the beach
  2. My backpack with the patches. It’s been with me since 1995.
  3. Dancing around the house. Whenever Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle” comes on, it’s on. There will be dancing.
  4. Photography. I just can’t stop.
  5. Drawing.
  6. Driving across bridges. Totally freaking out just thinking about it.
  7. Cheesy jokes. I still laugh too loud and too long.
  8. Shopping for books.
  9. Packing for a trip.
  10. Staring out at the trees or water.
  11. Seeing myself in the things that my kids do.
  12. Going to comic book conventions.
  13. Cooking badly
  14. Joking around with people.
  15. Making my kids laugh is the best thing ever.
  16. Bitches be trippin. Meaning me. I’m clumsy and trip over everything and nothing.
  17. The temper. It’s sneaky.
  18. Tears. Also sneaky.
  19. Clowns. A clown followed me on Instagram today. I was a little jumpy and then I followed him back.
  20. Hearing certain songs remind me of feelings and people. I can’t move on until the song is over. For example, most Aimee Mann and Jewel songs. And that one Sugarland song. Ok. Two Sugarland songs.
  21. When I see moms struggling with their children and groceries at the store. Been there. I don’t miss all of the screaming and crying. My kids get so embarrassed when mommy has a tantrum at the store.


Holley Goes to Hogwarts


Which house would you be in at Hogwarts and why?

Gryffindor.The sorting hat said so and it is never, ever wrong.

However, I don’t think of myself as brave or daring. I’ve probably got some nerve doubting the sorting hat. Anyway . . . I accept the decision.

Although, I did think that I would be in Hufflepuff. It could’ve been fun. I imagine that there would be a lot of studying, cupcakes and tea. I don’t really know if there would be cupcakes.I picture Hufflepuffs making a lot of baked goods

The Hufflepuff mascot is a badger, which reminds me of a honey badger. I can relate to the honey badger. Honey badgers don’t give a darn. I can’t remember what they don’t care about but they don’t care.

I also relate to Luna Lovegood, who was in Ravenclaw. I might not be not motivated enough to be in Ravenclaw or ambitious enough to be in Slytherin. There’s that honey badger attitude of not giving a darn again.

This is the link to the personality quiz with the sorting hat.


I’m Not Going to Your Wedding


It’s been so long since I’ve been to a wedding. I haven’t been to a wedding in at least eleven years. Everyone, except one couple has divorced. Most of these friends have remarried. I think my invite to their all of their second weddings got lost in the mail.

It’s ok. I’m not totally disappointed that I’m not going to your upcoming wedding. I was married once. I’m kind of over weddings and marriage.

Here is a list of reasons that I won’t be attending your wedding. See if you can pick the one that’s the most true.

  1. I’m so deep undercover that even I don’t know my location.
  2. I never give out my address. Your beautiful, elegant invite will never find me.
  3. You’re an asshole and I don’t like you anyway.
  4. I’m an asshole and you don’t like me either.
  5. Who likes happy occasions? Not me.
  6.  Let’s skip all of the formal stuff. Just send me an invite the bachelorette party.
  7. Your mom is afraid that I’m going to steal your man.
  8. Your mom is afraid that I’m going to steal your woman.
  9. Everyone is afraid that I’ll ruin it with all of my emotional baggage.
  10. I’m angry, bitter and no fun at all. You could invite me to your divorce party maybe.

Am I Going to Lose My Way Too?


As a writer, I lump myself into the category with confessional poets, like Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. Plath and Sexton both committed suicide.

As a regular person, I lump myself into the category with other friends that have mental health issues. Mentally and emotionally, we have all lost our way at some point. Some of us have gotten back on track. Other friends are still walking that fine line of stable and trainwreck. A few of my friends have committed suicide.

Although, my emotional state is fine at the moment, I worry that all of my triggers will come over for an extended visit and will break me into pieces again.

Six years ago, I stopped going to therapy and taking anti-depressants. I don’t want to go back but I will if it’s necessary.

All of those feelings have to be kept in check. I do a mental health inventory on a regular basis. Am I depressed? Is it time to go back to therapy? Do I need anti-depressants again?

Depression is a slippery slope. Before you know it, all of the feelings are too overwhelming and we’re back to the breaking point. Then we’re begging our therapist to come out of retirement because she was “The One.”

I love the Project Semicolon slogan, “Your story isn’t over yet.”

It’s true. Our story isn’t over yet.

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