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Motivation to be a Sanding Queen: #NaBloPoMo

Do you have trouble getting motivated to put ideas into action?

No, I am more than ready to put ideas into action. I start out with an idea. Then I obsess about how I can get the plan completed.

I’ve been talking about doing pallet beds for at least a month. My boyfriend will say that it feels like more.

I’ve even talked about doing actual math in order to finish the beds without having to re-do it all. It might be worth doing math so that the beds don’t fall apart or look ridiculous. I don’t want makeshift beds. . . wait I looked up makeshift beds on Pinterest. They look spectacular. This is not what I think of when I think of a makeshift bed.


I meant that I don’t want to the beds to look like they are put together with a couple nails, some spit and a prayer.

So I’ll do math and measuring.

Then it will be time to conquer sanding. I will be the Queen of Sanding by the time it’s finished. That’s the plan so far.


DIY Map Project: #NaBloPoMo

What was the last project you started?

I started a project like this one. It’s finished. Shocking, right?! I need to mail it to someone or someones. Can you believe that I haven’t taken a picture of the project yet? I think I will take a picture.


Next week, I will mail it. I swear. I need to get it off of the kitchen table. Also, I don’t want to get it mixed up with the moving boxes.

I’m jealous the map project is going to end up in New York. Lucky map.

What do guys think? Is it good enough to mail?

Starter of all projects. Finisher of almost none: #NaBloPoMo

Are you better at starting things or finishing them up?


This is the easiest question that I’ve heard all week. (The questions I’ve heard lately are “Can we get a dog?” “Why don’t we get a trampoline?” ” Why is there a butter knife in the backseat of your car?”)

The answer to the first question is that I am definitely an idea person. I have no problem starting projects. Pinterest is my favorite thing on the internet

Usually, I get sidetracked or overwhelmed – either by life or the project. So I’ve been trying to be more diligent about finishing projects. There just isn’t enough space in my house for a million unfinished plans.

Hopefully, we’ll be moving soon and I will be knee deep in DIY projects. It could be heavenly or a bit hellish. Either way, it will be interesting. At the end, we’ll have stuff that we need. If I don’t finish the DIY then we won’t have stuff.

P.S. The butter knife was in the backseat when I bought the car. Who knows what they needed it. It’s a mystery.

Searching for Autograph Books: We’re not that into you Elsa

Batgirl & The Black Canary. http://taho.deviantart.com/art/Batgirl-x-Black-Canary-469518635
Batgirl & The Black Canary. http://taho.deviantart.com/art/Batgirl-x-Black-Canary-469518635

For the past few days, I have been looking for autograph books. It used to be so easy to find a variety of autograph books. What happened to variety? Almost every autograph book that I found was Disney. What can you do if you aren’t going to Disney? What if we’re not so into princesses? What if we’re into Thor and Wonder Woman. FYI: My youngest daughter wants to dress up like the Pink Power Ranger and the Black Canary. We’re not that into you anymore Elsa.

Since I was running out of time to make three spectacular comic book-related autograph books, I bought three different journals. I was going to buy some small sketchbooks; however, they were all black. Three daughters with the same autograph book = chaos + tears + aggravation + mommy needs a drink but she’s out of vodka.

Does anyone make comic book related autograph books? If not, someone should. I’m going to look around at the Comic Con to see what I can find. For the children. I mean, if I happen to find a Wonder Woman book, maybe I could reward myself with it. It’s going to be a long drive. I might deserve a reward by the end of the trip, right? Right.

I did find some cool ideas on Pinterest for making your own autograph book. Of course, they were ALL Disney. I think the idea could be modified with Thor, Wonder Woman or whoever.

This would be a cool cover for my next autograph book. I’m still working on filling up my pink book that my mommy bought for me.

Pre-Made camera equipment: nablopomo

What is something you would never attempt to make yourself and would only feel good buying pre-made?


There are so many items that I need for my camera. Most of those items I would rather not make myself. Lights, lens covers, camera straps. I don’t trust myself to make them well enough.

What if I made a camera strap that didn’t stop my camera from falling and breaking into a million pieces? I’ll tell you what . . . I would regret making my own camera strap.

I don’t think I can make lights. Whichever class they make lamps in I did not attend. What’s it called? Shop? Drafting? I have no idea.

Darn it all. Pinterest has some good ideas. It may be worth taking a risk. Never say never, right?

on the hunt for a carpenter best friend: nablopomo

Do you prefer to have things done for you, or do you prefer to do them yourself?


There are things that I can do myself: shopping, taking pictures, writing, planning trips and being sarcastic.

Some things I would have to beg or hire someone to do. Although my boyfriend is super awesome, I cannot ask him to do certain things. His handiness is kind of limited. He is good with electronics and sound systems. Seriously, he might be the best sound guy in the tri-state area. Pick any tri-state area. I would guarantee that he is in the top five.

On the other hand, neither of us are good at building things. I really want a new bed. I think we could build it ourselves if we had a supervisor.

He knows people. Everywhere we go, he knows someone. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere from restaurants to the store to comic book conventions and events in different cities. Plus, everyone likes him. I don’t know how he does it. I struggle to get more than five people to like me. He does that just on one trip to the grocery store.

The odds are good that he knows a guy with carpenter skills. I need to make this person our new BFF. I could buy some beer. I do know how to buy beer. So please if you are a carpenter in need of some new best friends, take pity on a couple of nice unhandy people.