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Hoping for a Mad Hatter Halloween: #Blogtober15

Mad Hatter Halloween
1- What year did you first go trick-or-treating?
I’m not sure. Let’s say 1976 or maybe 1977 . . . eeeek!!

2- Favorite kind of candy?
Reese’s miniature cups. Also, caramels.

3- What are you going to be this year?
I’m hoping that I can get this Mad Hatter costume ready before next week.

4 – Favorite costume you’ve had?

Once I was Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show. That was fun. Unfortunately, I have gotten rid of the maid’s costume. I must have been temporarily insane.
5 – Favorite spooky creature?
Does Edgar Allan Poe count? He should.

6 – How hyped do you get for Halloween?
Super hyped! I freaking love Halloween!!!!

7 – Halloween Pinteresty thing that you’ve always wanted to try?

8-Favorite part of Halloween?
Dressing up. Candy is a bonus.

9 – Orange or black?

Behind the Scenes: #blogtober15

Behind the Scenes

Black top

Where do you blog?
Wherever anyone let’s me “borrow” their WiFi.

Where do you find inspiration?
On long drives in the car.

How long does it take to write a post?
15-30 minutes. An extra 30 for adding links and photos.

Do you plan your blog posts?
I do schedule posts. I also plan some things depending on special events or holidays.

What kind of camera and editing program?
I have a Fujifilm camera. Most of the time, I use Picmonkey.

Do you use notebooks?
Yes, I do.

How do you take pictures?
Sneaky and quick so my victims don’t notice.

What is your favorite type of post to write?
Surprise last minute posts

Are you an organized or messy blogger?
Organized blogger. Messy everything else.

Biggest blogging pet peeve?
I dislike some blogging groups that are all about the rules and less about getting to know people.

We Wear Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

We Wear Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

I’m trying to distract myself from the “What ifs.” The “What ifs” are relentless and pointless and every where, like when the radio plays the same five songs all summer. The “What ifs” could be a really annoying pop band.

My “What ifs” are probably like anyone else’s worries.

  • What if I’m really out of time?
  • What if I’m not strong enough?

I joke with my boyfriend about not having 24 years to wait for him to propose. It’s funny but kind of not as funny as it used to be.

Tomorrow, I go for the mammogram. Then we wait for more news. Until then, I’ll be home watching “Mean Girls.”

Summertime is Mermaid Time: #Blogtember

Tell us about your favorite season. Why is it your favorite and what does it say about you?

Summer is my favorite season by far. This means that I’m always cold and the only time that I’m comfortable is when it’s too freakin’ hot for everyone else. It also means that I should be a mermaid
Summer is also the only time that it’s possible can pretend to be a mermaid outside. For the rest of the year, it’s mermaid bathtub time, mermaid ice fishing or be a mermaid in the pumpkin patch. It’s not the same.
This summer I didn’t devote as much time to trying to become a mermaid. Next summer, it will be mermaid clothes (or lack of) for as long as possible.

Fall Wish List: #NaBloPoMo

Fall Wish List

Kick out the back-to-school fashion show on your blog: show us what you’re wearing as we head into fall (or spring if you live in the Southern Hemisphere).

I’m not wearing any of it but I would like to wear all of it.

The Fashion Traveler: City of Melbourne

Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to present a guest post by my new BFF . . . The Fashion Traveler, Peter Minkoff. I’m not sure what a freelance fashion traveler is exactly but it sounds pretty fabulous. Enjoy!


Cover (1)

As a stylist and a travel aficionado, I like to think that every city has its own personality and thus, its own fashion style. There is some magic in traveling from town to town and discovering the differences between them. Even Brisbane and Melbourne are nothing alike, and though I adore my home town, I often travel to Melbourne for some inspiration and fashion excitement. Melbourne is a city famous for its street art, but that art doesn’t reflect only in the drawings on the wall, but in what the locals are wearing. It’s also a paradise for shopping, from the malls to markets, Melbourne has it all. I traveled there just recently  and I’d like to share my impressions.

What’s IN on the Streets?

What’s IN on the Streets

It’s known amongst stylists that Melbourne has that special fashion flare that I like to call – urban chic. The locals have distinct sense of style, combining sporty wear with elegant and vintage pieces. The style diversity ranges from sneakers, oversized bomber jackets, overalls to simple little black dresses, white crochet shirts, pleated skirts and ankle boots. What separates Melbourne from the rest of the Australia is the specific Euro chic of its architecture and its fashion combined with the modern and urban Aussie’s fashion bravery.

Where to Shop?

Where to Shop

As mentioned, Melbourne is a paradise for passionate clothing shoppers and I enjoyed finding its best places. There is a whole culture of shopping there. It’s not just – go in, buy and go out. You have restaurants, coffee shops where you can rest and continue, because it is a whole day experience. It’s possible to find both major international brands and local designers. Some of the shopping hotspots in Melbourne are Chadstone shopping complex, Bourke Street Mall, Block Arcade, Chapel Street, Melbourne Central, Flinders Line, Direct Factory Outlets, etc.

How to Shop?

How to Shop

For me, fashion is art and shopping is a trade. You need to have certain skills and knowledge to be successful in it. Experience is helpful too. It’s important to know what to look for and where.  For instance, if you want  to shop for cutting-edge fashion, Block Arcade is the spot for you. For designer clothes and accessories quest, you should visit Bridge Road. If you fancy discovering local designers and crafts, Flinders Lane is the place where you’ll go. There are many ways to save money while buying clothes (and affordable clothes can be fashionable too), such as Melbourne warehouse sales, where you can find great bargains.

What to Visit?

What to Visit

When I finish my daily shopping tour in Melbourne, I like to dedicate some time to visit the city’s most famous attractions. Melbourne is a romantic-looking city, with its wide streets and parks. It is also a city of contrast, which reflects in places like Royal Botanical Garden and urban art scene. Most of the times I like to visit urban parts, with small art galleries and crafts shops. I sincerely recommend visiting Blender Studios and the Dark Horse Experiment Gallery. Eating at Supernormal or Patuso and drinking coffee at De Clieu or Cibo Espresso is a must for me. Before leaving this lovely city, I love visiting some of the theatres.

When you decide to visit this town, take all sides of it (the European, the urban, the fashionable) and combine them into a lovely puzzle Melbourne is.

Peter Minkoff is a freelance traveler and fashion stylist. He can be found on Facebook Peter Minkoff  and Twitter  https://twitter.com/MinkoffPeter .