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 A to Z Bucket list: Make Homemade Ice Cream

My grandpa used to make homemade ice cream during the summer. He had a little ice cream maker. It was always delicious. My grandpa made the summers special.

I found this recipe for ice cream that doesn’t require a churn. Where would someone even get a churn? Would I even know what it looks like?

When I started, I had all of the ingredients. Halfway through making the ice cream, it came to my attention that I didn’t have a blender. Or a whisk. No loaf pan in site.

Still, I carried on and made the ice cream anyway. It’s in the freezer. Thank goodness that we have one.

Hopefully, someone will be brave enough to try the ice cream.


This is the recipe that I used in case you guys want to try it.

Homemade Oreo Ice Cream

Margarita Ice Cream: daily post


Create a new wacky flavor of ice cream. Channel the essence of your personality. What’s in it?
My ice cream would include coconut, lime and a splash of Jose Quervo. Basically, a Margarita with coconut. It’s sweet, bitter and lots of fun.

32 Flavors

32 Flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

I love ice cream in a real and meaningful way. My favorite ice cream is raspberry chocolate chunk. When I lived in Columbus, the best ice cream place was Graeter’s. They had a cute parlor area. If only the outside area was as quaint. What can they do when the shop has no room to grow?
I’m not afraid to try new flavors. Another favorite flavor at my house is salted caramel. Someday, Lucas and I might even be forced to duel over who gets the last bowl. It’s really that good.

Here’s a review of Graeter’s Salted Caramel (Photo credit also from the same website)